Academic Excellence

How To Be An ‘A’ Student (The Star Student)

Student:         This year I made a resolution that I intend to keep. I am determined that nothing is going to come between my goal and I.

Teacher:      What is this goal?

Student:         To be a star student.

Teacher:      I must commend you. It is a worthy and great ambition. Your goal is very much in line with what we have always tried to inculcate in you students, namely that you should not just be content to be one in the crowd in all you do. You should always aim at standing out of the crowd. You must detest the “I also ran” syndrome.

Student:         What is that, sir?

Teacher:      Never mind. It is just a way of describing people who participate in something without any conviction or mark; so that no one really remembers that they ever participated because they were just statistics in the crowd.

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