The Ideal President

Kudo: Good morning, sir.
Sage: Ah, good morning, Kudo, how are you?
Kudo: I‟m great.
Sage: Good to hear that. What brings you to me this morning?
Kudo: My usual newspaper column.
Sage: It is amazing how you find the time to keep up with this, in spite of your schedule.
Kudo: I do what I can, sir.
Sage: So what do you want me to speak about?
Kudo: One quality of an ideal president.
Sage: Whao! What do you mean by president? Is it President as a title, as one who superintends over events, places or people?
Kudo: I mean the word in the specific and general senses, as you have described. Same qualities should go for both, anyway, I think.
Sage: Yeah, I think you are right. But why one quality?

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